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La Via Francigena Project

16 Luglio 2011 - 09 Ottobre 2011

Jannina Veit Teuten was born in London in 1939. She achieved the National Diploma in Design at Twickenham Art College (1960). After working ten years in Publishing in Advertising Agencies in Fleet street and the West End she moved to Florence, Italy (1970). There she studied painting and sculpture at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Florence (1971 to 1980) gaining full honors. She is primarily a painter of portraits in oils, but her first water colour exhibition, on request, was of Settignano (1980). Many more followed in England, France and Italy. Of major importance was one to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of the battle of the Somme in Picardy (1996). A commission to paint thirty views of recent urban restoration in Amiens followed. Work for the via Francigena project began in 1993 and had to be fitted round these. Twenty three exhibitions of paintings and drawings of the Francigena in the late 1990’s were staged from Canterbury (1999) to Rome (2000). From 2002 Jannina has exhibited paintings of interiors and portraits in oils, in Tuscany, and has had repeat showings of the via Francigena Project along the route in Italy. In 2006, she was Commended at ministerial level for her work to promote the Via Francigena.

Interview to Jannina Veit Teuten during the exhibition at the Museo Civico e Diocesano di Fucecchio in 2011

Come una viaggiatrice dell’Ottocento, Jannina Veit Teuten ha percorso più volte tra il 1994 e il 2000 l’itinerario di Sigerico con il suo cavalletto, i colori e i pennelli, illustrando le suggestioni dei luoghi e dei paesaggi nelle diverse stagioni. Questa intensa e straordinaria esperienza di vita, ha prodotto ventitré edizioni della mostra fra Canterbury e Roma, in occasione del Giubileo del 2000.

  • Data: 16 Luglio 2011 - 09 Ottobre 2011
  • Posizione:Museo di Fucecchio
  • Curatori:Jannina Veit Teuten, Andrea Vanni Desideri
  • Durata:60 Minutes (approximately)

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